Reading driver cards and tachographs


Three ways to read driver cards and tachographs

The rules on drive and rest periods stipulate that driver cards must be read at least every 21 days and tachographs must be read at least every 60 days.
There are three different ways to read driver cards and tachographs:

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Automatic reading (remote download)

Automatic reading of driver cards and tachographs is done via a remote download box, which is either mounted on the back of the tachograph or factory fitted by one of the manufacturers. Examples of remote download boxes that are retrofitted in the tachograph are DLD (VDO), Lommy, Jaltest, AddSecure or MapOn.

Read more about automatic reading.

Manual reading (wireless download)

For manual reading (wireless download) via a reading key, you can, for example, use a VDO key. This reading key has an integrated driver card reader, which allows you to download data directly from the driver card and tachograph onto the key. You can therefore do the task directly in the office/company.

Read more about manual reading here:

Manual reading via a public reading station

Public reading stations: If you choose not to purchase hardware (download box/download key), you can always read via a public station, where you can use one of our 40+ stations around Denmark. At most stations there is a DAKO or VDO station where you can insert your driver card.

See the location and opening hours of the stations here:

Reading reminders 

We will send you reminders by text message and email when you need to read your driver card and vehicle. The reminders will be sent 3 days and 1 day before you are due to read according to the rules on driving and rest periods, as well as additional reminders if the date is exceeded.

You can choose whether you want to receive the reminders by text message, email or both. The reminders make sense if you read manually at a station or with a reading key. Then you don't have to remember the 21-day and 60-day intervals yourself. 

We recommend that you keep the reminders activated even if the driver card and tachograph are read automatically. This is because the technology can malfunction, a driver card can break or the tachograph can report an error in the reading. In this way, you will get a reminder that there is something you need to take into account. In these cases, contact our customer support team and we will resolve any challenges that may arise.

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Notifications if you need to react:

We will also send you reminders by text message and email when a driver card or company card is about to expire. We will remind you 60, 30 and 14 days in advance so that you can order a new driver card or company card in good time before the old one expires.
You will also receive an email from us if


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