Download box


Automatic data transfer

With a download box installed behind the digital tachograph, the company can automatically remotely download from driver card and tachograph without remembering download intervals and manual download.
The box automatically does it all for you.


When data is downloaded from your vehicle, typically every 7/14 days, you will receive analysis reports by email, where you can visually see how you have driven.

Truck road tachograph

From a technical point of view, it is as follows:

  1. You order a download box with SIM card from us.
  2. We agree by whom and where to install it.
  3. You send us your company card.
  4. We set up your company card in a card reader, attached to a PC at our card hotel.
  5. The vehicle is ready to remotely download data.

The drivers just have to remember, according to the law, to put their driver cards in the tachograph when driving. 

Together with the system, we will do the rest for you – without reminders from text messages and manual download – but still with ongoing reports for self-control, violations, etc.m.

We also work with a wide range of suppliers of automatic download systems.



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