Analysis reports

Help with analysis reports

When data from driver cards and vehicle tachographs are read, either manually or automatically, you will receive an e-mail with analysis reports attached as pdf files.
This will give you a visual overview of how drivers and vehicles have driven during the period.


In the event that a driver has violated the driving and rest time regulations during the period, you will also receive a violation report with the nature of the infringement, percentage, and with the possibility that the driver can write his signature to show the driver is aware of the violation.

When you download a driver card, you will receive the following:

When you download data from a vehicle, you will receive the following:

At TachoManagement you will be able to see what the possible violations during the period will cost in fines from the Heavy Car Police or the Danish Traffic Authority. 

Report analysis and storage tachograph
Driving without driver card Tachograph

Report: driving without driver´s card

Once a month, you will receive an analysis report of'Driving without driver card during the period'.
This report shows when, for how long and in which vehicle has been driving the vehicle without having a driver card inserted into the tachograph. That is:

Vehicle registration number
Insert Time (Run Start)

Take-out time (Runtime End)

Driving time without driver card

The report brings all the company's vehicles together in one report and lists the driving based on how long the driving has lasted.

Of course, you will not receive this report if you not have had any driver card driving.

With this report, you have the opportunity to be proactive and detect driverless driving before it is too late.

NOTE: All driving less than 2 minutes will not appear on the report.

In the case of OUT driving, it will also not appear from the report as this is legal.

Driving Book - Driver

The following is an explanation of the concepts in the driving books:

  • Running time:
    Displays the daily running time. For driving time over 10 hours, the field is marked red.
  • Rest time:
    Displays the daily rest period. At rest time less than 9 hours, the box is marked red.
  • Running time/Break 4.30 tonnes:
    If the 45-minute (or 15 + 30 minute) breaks are not observed, the exceeded run minutes will appear in 'Running time 4.30t', while the number of minutes of break (less than 45 minutes) will be seen in 'Break 4.30t'.
    If the breaks are met, the field will be blank/00.00.
  • Valid disconnection:
    The function button on the tachograph, which depicts a square with a slash through it. This is used, for example, for multi-man operation when the driver card is in Slot2.
  • Other work:
    The time when the tachograph is set on the symbol 'crossed hammers'.
    'Other work' means the work you do outside the vehicle.
  • KM driven:
    Number of total kilometers driven on the day.
  • Registration number:
    The vehicle in which the driver in question is driven.
  • Out:
    If there has been a drive where the tachograph has been on OUT (excluding driving), the number of minutes will be here.

With a login to TachoManagement, you can see what the violations will cost in a possible fine from the Heavy Truck Police department or The Danish Traffic Authority. 


Login HERE


Vehicle book driver analysis and storage tachograph
Driving Book Tachograph

Driving book - vehicle

    • Insert time:
      Date and time when the driving has started.
    • Withdrawal time:
      Date and time when the driving has ended.
    • Castle:
      Shows whether the driver card was in slot1 or slot2 in the tachograph.
    • Card number:
      Driver's driver card number.
    • Driver:
      The driver's full name.
    • Mileage at takeoff:
      Vehicle odometer at the start of the journey.
    • Mileage at end:
      Vehicle odometer at the end of the journey.
    • Mileage difference:
      How many miles the drive has been on.
    • Running time:
      How many minutes the drive has lasted.
    • OUT:
      How many minutes of driving have occurred on OUT (excluding driving). If none, this field is blank/-.

Report of violation

The image next to it shows colors and symbols in the violation report.

  • Red/yellow/green:
    How many working hours/driving hours the week has been on is shown in green, yellow or red depending on whether you have had a enough or too many hours of driving.
    (Max 56 hours per week and 90 hours in two consecutive weeks.)
  • Rest periods:
    Seen with gray and a bed.
  • Valid disconnection:
    Seen in yellow and square with slash.
  • Other work:
    Seen in pink and two crossed hammers.
  • Running time:
    Seen with red and steering wheel symbol.
  • Yellow bell:
    Appears on the violation report next to the day in question if you have driven exempted driving (OUT) or taken advantage of the ferry rule.
  • Steering wheel + red line that goes beyond two black bars:
    Appears on the violation report next to that day if you extend your daily driving time to between 9 and 10 hours. (legal 2 times a week)
  • Bed + red line between two black bars
    Is the symbol of reduced daily rest, where less than 11 hours of rest have been held on the day in question, i.e. between 9 -11 hours. (legal 3 times a week)
  • Bed + red line between three black bars
    Is the symbol for reduced weekly rest, where less than 45 hours of weekly rest has been held, i.e. between 24-45 hours (legally every two weeks – however, 'clean up' must be carried out)
Analysis reports automatically download tachograph
Analysis and storage report tachograph

Violation Report - example


The image next to it shows an example of a violation.
Here are two lines, which means that there are 2 violations.
The text below the graphic line with the colors tells you when the violation occurred, whick kind of violation is involved, and how many percent you have violated with.

Eg. Exceeding uninterrupted driving time: Regulation 04.30 Value 04.42 Difference 00.12 – Violation: 4.44%
In this case, the driver drove 12 minutes more than he had to (4.42 hours) before taking a break.

Across the breach, you can see a gray line. It indicates from where (time) until the violation has occurred.
The 4 symbols on the right side (red, pink, yellow, gray), show how much driving time, other work, valid interruption, and rest you have had on the day. It is summed up to 24 hours.




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