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Would you like to know where your vehicles, machines or other items in your fleet are located? Our TachoFleet, GPS tracking provides full insight and overview of your vehicles' positions - directly on your smartphone, tablet and PC. If something gets lost or stolen, it's easier to find out where it has ended up.
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Benefits of fleet management  

Once the devices are attached to your vehicles, you have the option to receive automatic SMS and email reminders if the status of a vehicle changes inappropriately. For example, you can define a physical area you want the vehicle to stay within. If the vehicle is moved outside this area, you will be notified. In addition, you can, for example, get a reminder if a country border is crossed.
On PC, tablet and smartphone, you can view a map of the whole of Europe showing the location of your vehicles. Everything is stored for 12 months on the server.

Main elements of the fleet management solution:

Total solution with fleet management and tacho download

There are several different devices, all of which can be connected to the system together. If you want GPS devices for vehicles or machines without tachographs, you need a smaller device, whereas if you want the device to work on your fleet management system and download tachograph files at the same time, you need a different box. If you already have our boxes for tacho download in your vehicles, we can upgrade the sim card to include TachoFleet for a small monthly fee.
Optimal fleet management in vehicles with tachographs includes

Task management

Task management that ensures the right unit with the right driver with the necessary remaining driving time and the right skills for the task.



Monitoring of the transportation itself, ensuring that the task is completed within the agreed timeframe and under the conditions requested by the customer.


Anti theft

The GPS tracker will send an email and/or text message if something unexpected happens and helps find stolen or lost assets.

TachoFleet creates an overview and provides the necessary fleet management tools to make the right decisions. 

It provides insight into the business and is the foundation for efficient business operations.

Good driving behavior saves money on fleet operations, minimizes the risk of accidents and protects the environment. The fleet management system helps to achieve these goals. By reading the truck's CAN Bus, the fleet owner receives important information about driving and driving behavior. Among other things, information is retrieved about sharp turns, hard braking, how much fuel has been used, how much the driver has used cruise control and idling.
Using an algorithm, it can also be concluded whether the vehicle is being driven aggressively or sensibly. Reasonable driving is both operational and damage-reducing. At the same time as the truck and trailer do not wear out unnecessarily.

The fleet management solution gives you a visual overview of the results from data extraction and analytics on driving behavior. It gives you a clear overview of the entire fleet's driving behaviour across all drivers and all trucks.
Sharing this information with drivers creates an awareness of how each individual can contribute to optimizing fleet operations. At the same time, it can influence driver behavior.

An increased focus on driving behavior can be the start of a different way of working with drivers. And it can also ensure better terms with insurance companies.

We also work with other fleet management systems that pass on tachograph data to us. See the list here:

Secure documentation with GPS tracking of vehicles

The GPS tracker is mounted on the vehicle and connected to TachoFleet.

The system provides a quick overview of:

The system allows for full utilization of vehicles, as you can easily direct the vehicles to different tasks. 

At the same time, it ensures full documentation for customers and authorities if necessary.

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