Advice and support

Advice from start to finish

At Tachografservice A/S we are committed to giving you the best advice, so that you feel confident and secure in complying with the (sometimes) complicated rules on drive and rest periods. We help you from the sidelines whenever you need it.

Our advice includes, among other things, everything from reading the tachograph, handling the tachograph's functions, reviewing analysis reports and handling summons from Færdselsstyrelsen.

If your drivers have questions about their availability time, violations or anything else about drive and rest time rules, they can always call us on tel.
+45 70 222 337

In addition, we also help you with support on your hardware, PC, and tachograph if you experience challenges.

We're on the job with you until the task is solved!

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At Tachografservice, it is important to us that our customers are updated about new products, laws, and general news from the industry.


At the same time, we would like to offer our customers to be the first to receive offers, promotions, useful tips, and tricks for everyday life, as well as other relevant news.