Privacy policy

When you move on you accept the following data policy:


1. Who manages the website?
This website is managed by:
Tachografservice A/S
Rugårdsvej 321
5210 Odense NV
CVR: 29792062

When you go on this website, we collect personal data.
Below you can see what information we collect and for what purpose.

If you have any questions about handling personal data, you are welcome to contact us at


2. What personal data do we store?
Tachografervice collects the information you provide yourself in connection with:
Contact form completion
Registration form
Newsletter sign-up.

What the information is used for, you will be informed about each of the three forms.

If you do not fill out one of these three forms, this information will not be collected and stored.

In addition, information about your whereabouts is collected on the website.
If necessary, see more under cookie policy.



The personal data that we collect is primarily used to implement the services that the information is collected in connection with.

The information is also used to gain a better understanding of the users who visits our website.
The information is used to improve our services, as well as for statistical purposes.


4. Is the information passed on to others?

Personal data are not disclosed to 3.part unless expressly consented.


5. How long is data stored?

Personal data is continuously deleted or anonymized as the purposes for which they were collected are terminated.
If you want to get your data from Tachografservice A/S deleted, you should contact info@tachografservice who will forward the request to the appropriate person.


6. How is the information protected?

Personal data from the website is stored on servers with limited access. Our security measures are continuously checked.

7. Cookies:

Cookies are files that are stored in your Internet browser's folder for storing files.
They record which websites the visitor's computer, smart phone or tablet has previously visited.
These cookies can have several different purposes and can, for example, be used to identify and keep statistics on visitors to websites.
Cookies are a necessity on websites with login function.

We make use of cookies from Google Analytics.
The primary purpose of these cookies is to be able to improve the website and give our visitors a better experience, as well as to document visitor numbers.


At Tachografservice, it is important to us that our customers are updated about new products, laws, and general news from the industry.


At the same time, we would like to offer our customers to be the first to receive offers, promotions, useful tips, and tricks for everyday life, as well as other relevant news.