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We sell two kinds of tachographs from the two leading manufacturers – VDO and Stoneridge.

We offer 2-3 day delivery and are happy to ship directly to the workshop or to the field technician who will be installing the smart tachograph.

If you need us to help you find a fitter/mechanic, we can easily help you with that too.
We work with both mobile fitters and workshops all over the country.

All new tachographs can be connected to an automatic download box.

Automatic Tachograph download
Stoneridge Tachograph

Retrofitting of a tachograph

Do you need to retrofit a tachograph / tachograph?

All retrofitting of tachographs after 21 August 2023 must be done with a G2V2 tachograph, i.e. a Smart Tachograph version 2.
We work with the best professionals in the field who are authorized to handle any installation task in connection with retrofitting tachographs and download boxes. If you want a price for a retrofit, all we need is the vehicle registration number.
- We can have a price for you within 24 hours.

Call us on +45 70 222 337 for more information.

Tachograph replacement according to the tachograph regulation

The European tachograph regulation sets out a timeline for when older analog and digital tachographs must be replaced.


All newly registered heavy vehicles must have a G2V2 tachograph installed after
August 21, 2023. This is a smart tachograph, generation 2, version 2, also known as an intelligent tachograph.
The same applies to vehicles such as vans that have never had a tachograph installed - they must also have a G2Vs tachograph installed.


If driving internationally, analog tachographs (disc cars, chart plotters) and digital tachographs (which are not smart tachographs) must be changed to G2V2 tachographs by
December 31, 2024.
The digital tachographs are installed in vehicles from before June 15, 2019.


If you drive internationally after
August 19, 2025, all tachographs from before August 21, 2023, i.e. all tachographs other than G2V2 intelligent tachographs, must be replaced.


In 2026, vans up to 2000 kg will also be subject to the driving & resting time rules if they drive internationally. Therefore, all vans crossing the Danish border must be equipped with a G2V2 tachograph by
July 1,2026


If you are not driving internationally, you can continue to drive with the tachograph that the vehicle is equipped with.


Read more about the new tachographs here

Smart Tacho Timeline

Paper rolls for the tachograph

From us you can buy paper rolls for all types of digital tachographs.
Call and order on tel. no. 82 829 360 or by e-mail: info@tachografservice.dk
The price for 4 rolls of 8 meters is: DKK 65,- excl. VAT
We have day to day delivery if you order before 11.00.According to the EU regulation, it is a requirement to have sufficient extra rolls of paper in the vehicle.
We therefore recommend that you always have one extra roll in the vehicle for replacement.
Paper rolls tachograph

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