New Rules About Start/End Country

start/end country
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Driving and rest time rules

As part of the new road package, the tachograph will in future be used differently when crossing a national border.
These rules will enter into force on February 2, 2022.

As a driver, when crossing a national border, you must now pull over at the nearest rest stop/rest area after the border and enter a new start country/national mark.
New start country is the country you have just entered.

If the land-border is crossed by ferry or train, enter the new country of departure at the port or station of arrival.

When crossing a national border in a vehicle with an analog tachograph, the new starting country must be entered on the chart sheet at the nearest stop/rest area.
It is permitted to remove the chart sheet to add a new starting country/national mark.

Read more about the rules on the Road Administration's website. (Færdselsstyrelsen)


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